"Under Pressure Sequel" No Pressure Freestyle By Logic -By: SaltyWrites

On August 19th 2019 Logic gave a "No Pressure Freestyle" to us and announced that he is going to have a baby boy! Logic mentioned on this freestyle " I wear this 24 carat solid gold rolly (Rolex) for my son as an heirloom." At first I believed it was a planned son for the future. But I was wrong and we didn't find out till the end of the freestyle that he was having a baby boy, because he said after the freestyle "And I'm having a little baby. Surprise it's a little baby boy!" So, it's confirmed by the man himself. On the other note Logic mentioned " On this under pressure sequel, we not taking it back. We keep it pushin'." Many people say they love the "old Logic" and he gave us a taste of that in this freestyle. However we know Logic as one of the more diverse rappers in this day and age. He had a whole album dedicated to his book "Supermarket" and he sang through the whole album. Logic said in this freestyle "Your new shit isn't as good as your old shit till your new shit is your old shit." Who knows what Logic has in store for us in the upcoming future. It could be anything at this point knowing what Logic has given us from previous albums such as songs like "Icy with Gucci mane" and then the polar opposite with songs like "Fade Away". Diversity is his strong suit and maybe we will get a "new" version of Logic on his next project we will have to wait and see.