Da Baby fights Cam Cold Heart! By: Just Write

           Da Baby finally meets Cam Cold Heart face to face!

Rapper Da Baby has gone viral yet again and only a week after his security almost beat a man into a coma, but this time due to a fight with fellow Charlotte north Carolina Rapper Cam Cold Heart.  The two have had tensions heating up due over social media. Cam Cold Heart has been trolling Da Baby over instagram for a number of months now. Saying that he speaks for the people of Charlotte and that Da Baby was either a liar or working with the police for not being held on Weapon Charges after the Murder of a man who tried to Rob Da Baby in a Walmart was killed. As far as i know Da Baby never publicly responded to Cam but when they met face to face things escalated quickly. 

The videos posted to instagram show Da Baby shopping in a Louis Vuitton Store and being approached by Cam Cold Heart. Cam starts his video by basically saying "Look at this nigga Da Baby in here talking some shit, he walking up to me like he bout to do something". The video then switches over to Da Baby's footage taken from his phone. He tells the camera "Look at this scary ass nigga, this nigga so scared boy. Don't be scared come buy your shit" and points towards the register. Cam responds "Scared of what?" the two rappers get closer to one and other and the argument continues. Cam is seen throwing a punch toward Da Baby and the footage is not clear from there because of the scuffle. When the camera comes back on Da Baby says "Huh? Cam Cold Heart, IM THE TRUTH NIGGA. Knocked him out ME...DOLO IM THE TRUTH...QUIT PLAYING WITH ME BOY. PICK YOUR PANTS UP." As Cam lay bleeding on the floor.  Check out the footage for yourselves below. 


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