'BETA' Upload Program for artist's "SHUTDOWN" on Spotify By Dweedy Blaze


The BETA Program that allowed Indie artist's to upload their own music to Spotify Streaming Service was shutdown by Spotify.

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The Beta Tool was introduced first in September 2018 opening up an easy pathway for the artist's in the United States to add new tracks and their accompanying Metadata such as samples, etc. with just a few clicks.

But, as per announcement made by Spotify, artist's have been given until the end of the month to transition to another distributor. Although, in an announcement the company said the artist's will be paid for the streams on their uploaded content throughout July 2019.

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Source- Daniel Ek, CEO of Swedish music streaming service Spotify,

In the announcement the company said "The shutdown focuses all it's energies on a development of tools and feature's that makes Spotify a unique platform."

Tools like Playlist submission or upgrades to Spotify for artist's dashboard which the company claims created 300,000 new artist's.

Meanwhile, the music distribution is said to be best handled by the partner's involved is also the belief of Spotify as they asserted during their announcement of the Beta Program shutdown and hence the One Month transition period was offered.

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Source- Digital Music New's, above is Distrokid, Spotify rattles off two other 'Other Preferred Artist Distributors': EmuBands and CD Baby. Under 'Label Distributors,' another two names .

Another possible complication in the Spotify announcement was an additional announcement of investment in distribution service, DistroKid which supports cross platform uploads to Spotify as well as iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, Tiddle, iHeart Radio, Youtube, Youtube Music, Deisel, just to name a few.

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At the time of the deal Spotify had said it plans to integrate it's Beta Program for artist's with a dashboard integrated with DistroKid but, the company did not anticipate the overlap and reddundancy that it would cause on it's ownand since the integration was scrapped it is safe to assume that all the cross platform distributor's did not agree upon a specific point.

Spotify is now helping it's artist's to participate in Beta Programs of other distributor's which include CD Baby, EMUBands and it's own preffered distributing partner DistroKid.

The announced date for the Beta Tool shutdown is July 30th 2019, invites are no longer being offered and only the artist's already registered can continue to stream throughout July 2019.

The company has asserted that the final payment to all it's artist's will take place on or before August 28th 2019.

Source- Spotify