Liverpool is a team that arguably plays some of the best futbol that you will see around the world, in the past couple of years they have proven that they can beat and compete with the biggest and boldest of clubs from around the world. This is no minor feat and the progression was spearheaded by the man himself Jurgen Klopp who in now revered as one of the greatest managers in the game. Liverpool has last won the champions league almost 15 years ago during a incredible match that earned the nickname " The Miracle Of Istanbul". They have also last won the English Premier league in almost 30 years. The club playing without any silverware for such amount of time seemed to be cursed and the "You Never Walk Alone" club motto was mocked by many other teams supporters by saying " You'll Never Win Anything". The clubs manager Jurgen Klopp also seemed to be very unlucky when it came to championship matches he had been to over 7 finals but lost the last six of them.

For Jurgen and Liverpool Silverware is a top priority. Klopp had some great talent coming into liverpool but made some changes over years with the small transfer budget that Liverpool had. He sold Phillipe Coutinho who had seemed to be one of the biggest and youngest talents in the club. He had been transferred to Barcelona because it was his childhood dream there was nothing the club or Jurgen Klopp could do about that. With the huge amount of money that Coutinho had sold for we were able to start making some key transfers that paved the way to a Championship. Over the next couple of years Players with huge amounts of talents were plucked from the transfer list for rather cheap prices. Klopp is a genius at recognizing young talent and young players that he and his team could help develop into major players. He made transfers for Oxlade Chamberlain , Xherdan Shaqiri, Mohamed Salah , and Naby Keita. All amazing players that were acquired for record lows as far as budget is concerned. Those players will never again be sold at the pricepoint that Liverpool bought them for.  He also developed some of Liverpool's youth talent into some of the greatest young players in the english league for instance Trent Alexander Arnold who has had a phenomenal couple of seasons. Also we cannot forget Andrew Robertson who defensively has shown that he his capable of defending against the greats such as Messi and Neymar. Another young talent that we are sure to see more of is Joe Gomez who is currently injured but is sure to be a major defensive force in the years to come. With a couple more major purchases at some record breaking prices Klopp was able to secure transfers for players like Virgil Van Dijk , Fabinho , And Allison Becker who completely changed the way Liverpool were able to play because of the amazing defensive qualities each of those players possess.

Another key difference in Liverpool's strategy was that the older players on the club were not excluded. Where as other clubs may choose to only play a older player as a sub or even transfer them to a American or Chinese League, Klopp was able to integrate players like James Milner and the captain Jordan Henderson into a team of young and motivated players. The balance of wisdom from the older players and quickness and wit from the younger players results in a truly explosive style of play. With every player big or small having a key role to play and recognizing that there is almost no area of Liverpool's game that can be exploited. Defensively and Offensilvely everything that you need to win Silverware is all there. After last years defeat to Madrid in the Champions league final and those last couple major defensive transfers that resulted i think everybody knew that this could happen this year. After suffering almost a robbery in Madrid they came back stronger , after coming second in the With a little luck and a lot of talent Liverpool Football Club are the Champions Of Europe. To all fans of the Red's congratulations on a incredible and inspiring journey.