In new video ''Game and Dave East" go to WAR against each other! By- Dweedy Blaze

The Game West Side Single Stream
Source- Hypebeast

West Coast hip-hop veteran rapper "The Game" shared a sneak peak of his upcoming "West Side" music video.

Game released the sneak peak on Instagram with on-set footage and the footage also revealed New York Rap artist Dave East who also plays his fictional enemy.

On Friday, the L.A native dropped his single from his up-coming "Born 2 Rap" album.

The song "West Side" is said to be a must hear single as the California rapper is gearing up to release his final studio version of album "Born 2 Rap".

Los Angeles, confidential was quoted saying that it was extremely hard to get into invite only listening event by the Veteran rapper 'The Game' which was scheduled for 26th June 4:00 PM-9:00 PM. 

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The invites were kept under wraps, but we can assume that at least Dave East would be there. =D

In the sneak peak Game can be seen getting cinematic which is sincerely 'OUT OF HIS CHARACTER'. So, the video is a must watch.


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