How the Yankees have Survived and Thrived By Luke Coffey
Despite their 8-5 loss tonight at the hands of theRed Sox, the Yankees have inarguably had an incredible season so far.  Currently sitting at 38-19, the Yankees are in 1st place and have the American Leagues second best record.  They have accomplished this despite a rash of injuries that is probably the worst on record for any Yankees team, possibly ever.  So the question is worth asking...How the fuck are they pulling this off???

For starters, the starting pitching has been better than expected.  James Paxton has been lights out and Domingo Germ√°n has the most wins in the AL.  Mix that with a bullpen that’s been mostly lights out and you have the paramiters set for winning.

Secondly, this Yankee team has completely changed their offensive identity.  This years team was supposed to break records in terms of hitting for power.  But instead, what we have seen is a team that’s been killing people with a contact, singles and doubles approach that is wearing downopposing pitching. 

What we have also witnessed is the emergence of players like Gio Urshela, Clint Frazier, Luke Voit and Cameron Maybin.  Considering that only one of these 4 was on the opening day roster, it’s shocking how well they have performed and how vital they have become on both sides of the ball.  

Lastly, what is clear is that this team is actually playing good defense.  Last years team was worst in the AL in fielding percentage and it showed. This years team is considerably better despite Clint Frazier being the statistically worst defensive outfielder in MLB.  

For a team that looked dead in April, we are riding a remarkable streak of consistency where losing streaks aren’t happening.  That to me is the ultimate testament to the current state of the club. This group is operating at a completely unexpected level and we as fans get to sit back and enjoy the show.