Google Stadia Coming November by: SaltyWrites

Google Stadia is a video game streaming service which is expected to release in 2019 November. Google says it will act like a Netflix for video games and can be played on any screen with chromecast even on a google pixel phone. Without downloads for the games they are played over a google cloud server and this allows for a auto sync across the cloud for all games on any chromecast.

Video above gives info on Stadia prices and what to expect for games at launch.

However if you want to play this year you will have to purchase a special subscription bundle for 129.99 USD. This is the founders edition with a special Stadia controller and a chromecast dongle, 3 months of a Stadia streaming subscription and a free subscription for a friend for 3 months to play as well and you can pre-order now. Next year google will release a 9.99 USD streaming subscription and 31 games available.