Fraud Alert: Anthony Joshua By Luke Coffey
Hopefully none of y’all had money on Anthony   Joshua last night, because if you did, you should be calling his agent demanding a cut of that MASSIVE purse he took home after that fight with Andy Ruiz Jr.  If this fight proved anything, it showed that the best boxer on earth right now is Deontay Wilder, there’s no ignoring it now.  What we witnessed last night was a “champion” get his bell rung and quit.  What we saw from Ruiz was a gutsy, fearless performance from a fighter whoknew damn well he didn’t have shit to loose, andhe fought like it.  Ruiz is probably the best story in boxing right now, and rightfully so.  But for fucks sake, there is NO WAY Ruiz survives a fight with Wilder.  I’d empty my savings on that. 
But back to Joshua,  he is the personification of a fighter who made a name for himself by takingthe easy road i.e. Ruiz Jr, and eventually he was due to take a beating.  Not to mention the fact that Joshua looked bored and disinterested until he was getting his face caved in.  So what have learned? We learned that Anthony Joshua played us into thinking he was a true champion on the level of Mayweather, Alvarez or Wilder, and in reality, it was all smoke and mirrors.