"Fofty" Back to it, someone's gotta teach these young artists....By: Mikki Fuego

Article by: Mikki Fuego

So here's the deal... You should never under any circumstances approach a celebrity, as a talent, with your instagram as proof of your talent. The thing that lacks in the youth that come in the industry is Professionalism. I'm gonna explore the reasoning of why your instagram and your followers don't matter to artists (you meet in the street [while they're on a date]) who have the ability to help. Firstly the clout method only really shows you have a buzz, which is cool. But it also disguises peoples actual skill, for notoriety. We've seen that type of exposure time and time again and it just ruins the climate; you get stuck with artists who are hot for the moment. You have a great year and then poof! you're forgotten. so the idea that you have a following doesn't matter off the jump. 

Secondly, Instagram lacks the ability to show full projects. I can almost guarantee that if he told Fiddy, to let him show him his SoundCloud things would've been a little smoother. At least there would have been material, not just clout. Also, people must understand that the industry still accepts Demos. Yes, you run the risk of it being thrown out but, tangibility is everything. Merch is everything. You must be close to a finish product, because as an artist you and your music are the products. If I can't sell your music and your image, then how long do you thin your career will last?

In short, I feel for NFL Dume (rapper who approached fifty) because as an aspiring artist, looking for guidance is essential and sometimes one moment, can change everything. Just remember to stay Classy and Professional. Make sure you have tangible evidence of you being an artist. Please try to stop approaching artists during their private time, it doesn't help you I promise. Most of all be positive and humble. Don't mistake Hunger for Arrogance, it can be quite off-putting.

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