The Legendary Wu Tang Clan has a documentary that was released during the Sundance and Tribeca film festival. The documentary was long overdue and had a major push from Mass Appeal and gained enough interest to be picked up by The Premium Showtime Channel. The group themselves— RZA, GZA, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, U-God, Masta Killa and sometimes Cappadonna have been rocking heavily since the 1990's and still are considered to be one of the top rap groups in music today, and the Mic's and Men Docuseries directed by Sascha Jenkins a former music journalist and current documentarian ,  is split into 4 separate parts will follow the journey of the rap group throughout the 20 plus years that they have been in the music industry. If you are a fan of Hip Hop or The legendary Wu Tang Clan then you already know some of the trials and tribulations that they had to go through in order to reach the level of success that they have managed to attain. 

The Documentary has a lot of early raw footage of the groups entrance into the rap game and the ups and downs that followed throughout the years. One of the biggest surprises in the documentary was being able to see the groups artist Old Dirty Bastard's journey with Roc A Fella Records after being signed to the label for a brief amount of time. The footage sheds light on some of the problems that ODB was facing while with the label and multiple sources have confirmed that the footage does not show Roc A Fella in the best of lights. It has sparked somewhat of a outrage to viewers and fans of the group and the artist in it depicting that Roc A Fella had not done everything in there power to push the artist ODB who was already well known prior to the signing. ODB had just been recently released from a long stretch in jail before signing a contract with the Roc and sources from the label have confirmed that time constraints due to ODB's arrest case had not allowed them to push him as much as they wanted to. Stating that he was not able to appear to recording sessions , video shoots and film shoots because of ODb was only allowed to be working during certain hours of the day by the Police Department who had released him. Not Only does the documentary open us up to a boatload of information that we never knew before but it allows us to watch actual footage from the time when it was happening making viewers feel as if they are just apart of the journey as the artist. I encourage everybody to check it out for themselves and formulate your own opinion as we do not want to spoil the adventure for anybody, whether you are a fan of Hip Hop culture or just a fan of the Wu Tang Clan this is something that you should watch. It will premier live to the public on Showtime this Friday.