SKEPPY IS BACK 

SKEPTA who is widely known as one of Grime Music's original pioneers and the captain of "Boy Better Know".  He is one of the most well respected and world renown artist as far as grime culture and music goes. I was introduced to his music when entering the grime scene and discovering the culture. He and Drake are very close friends with Drake sporting a BBK (Boy Better Know Tattoo)
on his shoulder to show respect to his long time friend Skepta. Skippy reciprocated the same energy by getting a OVO Owl tattoo on his arm. His international success is something that has allowed him to sign Drake to a international deal, you heard that correctly Skepta signed Drake to a international deal. I became a fan after listening to his single "Shutdown" and he played a huge part in me starting to love grime music. I was lucky enough to meet Skepta a couple years ago and i can tell you from personal experience that Skepta is a down to earth and humble human being even after achieving a extraordinary amount of success. His ties to music are deep with brother JME being another top artist in the UK and his Sister Julie is a Radio personality and media correspondent for Apple Music. He had taken a hiatus for a short period after entering fatherhood for the first time in his life. Now he is back and reveals that he has been working on a new album which is sure to be in the top 10 on the UK charts. He also explains a bit on how he broke the US market and revealed the first single for the new album called "Greaze Mode" ft. Nafe Smallz which is a complete  BANGER.