RANKED: The 5 best MLB Fitteds By Luke Coffey

Who among us hasn’t had the classic dilemma at a Lids where you’re facing a massive wall of fire fitteds and the only thought in your head is “FUCK.” This list will show the 5 undisputed best caps in MLB right now so you can get the most comfortable and clean cap to complete your outfit.

5) Tampa Bay Rays Throwback:
What makes this cap so dope is that it’s the onlycap currently worn on field that can match thoseloud ass Nike or Adidas running shoes you probably own.  For those whose swag is bolder, this is your cap.
4) Chicago White Sox Standard:
How can you EVER go wrong whith black and white, it’s arguably the most unfuckwithable color combo and is guaranteed to look good with almost anything.  This is the perfect clean look option if your outfit has no blue.
3) St. Louis Cardinals Alternate:
Whether you’re feeling patriotic, or you feel like having your cap have som pop, the red bill and silhouetted cardinal will bring attention to your cap game. 2) Los Angeles Dodgers Standard:https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1eeS94fjkqxVDEcHSCcz9_yJbQkCkoFKA
Almost being the cleanest hat in baseball and onthe streets is hard to pull off, but shout out to the Dodgers for not fucking with the logo EVER.  This is one of the few hats you can also rock as a trendy 18 year old or an 87 year old and nobody will question you.1) New York Yankees Standard:https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1fgPxsBJJgbyCzmbrXdmXMhjlP7-ZJyWV
Do you need a cap that looks clean as fuck, matches everything you own and has probably beenworn by dozens of your favorite rappers?  Look no further.  This is BY FAR the best hat out thereand will never be defeated.  Shoutout to Jay Z for validating that this cap will work with everything.