God, Why do You Hate The Knicks ??? By Luke Coffey

As most NBA fans will tell you by now, being a   Knicks fan is not easy.  In fact it’s soul-crushingly difficult.  To root for a team who’s sucked since 99 is shitty by default.  But then god planted a beacon of hope in front of us fans, heralded by most as the best thing in basketball since Lebron James.  God dangled Zion Williamson in front of Knicks fans like a fishing lure in a pond full of starving and deaperate salmon.  Tonight, the hopes, dreams and hearts were ripped out of the chests of Knick fans Mortal Kombat style as the fuckin Pelicans won the opportunity to draft a once in a generation talent.  This has nothing to dowith James Dolan or shitty front office operations.  This my friends, was the most soul crushing defeat the Knicks have suffered since Ewing blew that layup in the playoffs.  This one loss, may set this team backwards another 6-10 years.  


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