DEBATE: Who’s the 2nd Pick in the NBA Draft?

By Luke Coffey
The dust has settled, the smoke has cleared andthe Pelicans have the first pick in next months NBA Draft.  Barring any crazy trades, the next two picks will most likely be point guard Ja Morant from Murray State followed by Duke forward  RJ Barret.  The Memphis Grizzlies own the 2nd pick, and its not a secret amongst basketball fans that point guard depth is a problem for them.  Mike Conley Jr is aging quickly and can’t ever seemto catch a break regarding his health.  This to me signifies that Ja Morant is the pick here.  Where shit gets interesting is the Knicks picking 3rd.  RJ Barret is unquestionably a prospect with a high ceiling who just needs polish and fine tuning. Knick fans should be happy if we get him.  But Knick fans also know how bad their team is at drafting.  This leads me to believe that a player like Texas Tech shooting guard Jarret Culver could also be in play along with Virginia forward De’Andre Hunter in the mix as well.  Stay tuned to the blog as we will soon be releasing the Jones’n For Sports NBA mock draft episode in the coming weeks.