Florida Rapper XXXTentacion has been shot and killed! #RIPX

The police dispatch also revealed just how dire XXX's situation was ... classifying him as a level 1 trauma patient and describing his state as "comatose." - TMZ 

Witnesses also say that this could have been a robbery after seeing one of the gunmen take a Louis Vuitton bag out of X's car. Which may have contained cash regarding the purchase of a motorcyle.

XXXTentacion who is widely regarded as the greatest musical artist of his generation started is worldwide success suprisingly from soundcloud. Before Tekashi69 , before Russ , etc there was X. At 17 years old in 2015 XXXTentacion had uploaded "Look At Me" to soundcloud and recieved immediate success as it opened the door for a somewhat new genre of music which was being called "Soundcloud Rap" If there was no Tentacion then arguably there would be no Ski mask the slump god , no Wifis Funeral or no Juice Wrld. He opened the doors for many young talented artists to shine. 

There is no denying that Tentacion has a long rapsheet when it comes to arrests. He has been arrested multiple times and was charged with armed robbery before his success at 17 years old. in 2016 he was charged with domestic violence and the alleged charges caused Spotify , RapCaviar and other platforms to stop playing the artists music but that little to stop the artist from becoming a global phenomenon.  

In 2017 "Look At Me" was released as a official single and became a top 40 hit. He also had 4 more including "Sad", and hid album debuted at number one. He had accomplished so much for himself and many others at the ripe age of 20. 

The Broward county police department has arrested Dedrick Williams of Pompano Beach on charges of first degree murder regarding the death of X. It is unclear on whether or not he murder was premeditated of if it was just a botched robbery but what is clear is that Jahseh Onfroy's death was unnecessary and a tragic loss for millions around the world.  He had so much more music to be made and a full life to live. XXXTentacion changed the lives of countless people and will live on through his music , his uncontainable spirit and his unique personality and the worldwide fanbase that has always supported him.

Our biggest condolences and respects go out to the family of Jahseh Onfroy.

                                           REST IN PEACE XXXTENTACION