Drake Releases A double Album entitled "Scorpion"

The Long awaited album Scorpion has finally arrived. Prompting drake fans around the world to tune in. Everybody wants to know about the baby situation and everybody wants to hear the Pusha T response. Its all there plus more all you have to do is listen. 

For now exclusively on Apple Music and Spotify. Out for about 2 days now it is already shattering records, breaking Apple music's single day streaming record with over 170 Million streams in the first day. Secondly the album has already hit #1 in 92 countries which in itself is a amazing feat. Spotify reps have also confirmed that athe album has broken the single day record at there headquarters as well. With over 130 million streams and also has completely taken over the Spotify top 20 charts. If that isnt enough for the week Cash Money Records Has certified 56 Drake songs platinum from the RIAA. Some of which have been eligible for a platinum for a while but have now been certified through cash money records days before Drake's contract with the label is complete. Understandable that the label would want to certify these tracks while Drake is still a active member of Cash Money. The album itself features the 2 sides Side A and Side B. Both consist of a wide range of lyrics , instruments and vocals and of course one specific track that has a Micheal Jackson Feature. Yes a original never heard before Micheal Jackson Composition. You can tell that there has been alot of effort put forth into the production and marketing of this album. Have you guys heard the album yet? Let us know what you think.