Young Dirty Bastard, aka Barsun Unique Jones, is a clone of his father Old Dirty Bastard in every aspect of the word.  YDB takes pride in his family being a father, and of course executing mics and stages with captivating and memorable music.  Born into the Clan and raised by the Clan, YDB continues to leave his mark and the legacy of his father in existence.

I had the chance to talk with YDB about music, the Wu, and his father of course.  Although the masses would say he imitates his father from style, image, mannerisms, and even performances he does claim fame as an original artist with the best of both worlds. “I work hard to keep my father’s legacy alive”.  He went on to add, “Think of it like a family business…some people get their father’s shoe store or oil company. “They might not change the business at all and keep it the same, or they might change it completely, or make just a few changes”.

When discussing the legendary Wu Clan, YDB shared the one word he has since a child which is family. “They will always be my family, every time I see them it’s all love”!

YDB was quite secretive when I mentioned upcoming projects, collaborations, or albums for fans to look out for. He did however ask for everyone to get prepared because there is a tremendous amount of creating and building in the making.  He also shared that fans will see another side of YDB this year. “I will be focusing more on teaching and sharing much needed wisdom and knowledge with our youth”!

YDB has major blueprints up his sleeve, so stay tuned! 

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