Rockboy Records Present Zay The DoeBoy “Kooda” & “Set Trippin” Freestyles @ZayTheDoeBoy

Zay The Doeboy, originally from Brooklyn and now residing in New Jersey, was born into music, and guided by some of the majors in the industry!  “Other kids were into basketball and football, but I just wanted to be in the studio all day and everyday”.  Raised by legendary Producer and Recording Artist, D/R Period, Zay did just that! As a child he witnessed Jay Z, Nas, Smooth The Hustler, and so many other famed artists perfect the craft of creating timeless music.
Although writing rhymes since he was a young boy, it wasn’t until age 13 that Zay was determined to record music and make a name for himself.  Being of that age there were many that doubted Zay and his declaration.
“I bought a $20 mic and a music program and just started going in. I met other people along the way and formed a group. I brought my music to D/R and the rest is history” 
Zay matured and his days and nights were consumed in the studio. His motto, “Carry On”, reflected his mindset to continue to create and grow as an artist.   There were many lessons along the way in Zay’s journey from major artists, D/R Period, as well as the streets.  Throughout those years he learned to step up his lyrical game and master the craft of putting together bars and hooks.  Zay’s hard work and dedication combined with noteworthy learned lessons, resulted in a catalog of mixtapes including 5 volumes of “Time to Pay Up”, “Smells like Winter”, “Hot New Hip Hop”, along with his EP “Zayyy”.
“I’m my own kind of artist, original and unique. I grew up developing all three to become Zay The DoeBoy”
To date you can catch Zay performing on some of the most prestige stages across the east coast, and at Hip Hop’s most celebrated festivals such as SXSW. Be on the lookout for Zay’s forthcoming album “Carry On”, a self-produced debut solo album.  Signed to Rockboy Records under D/R Period, this is just the beginning for Zay The DoeBoy!

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