Taylor Bee, Hip Hop Queen, Raising Awareness Through the Lost Element of Knowledge @BeeTV

Taylor Bee is a woman, CEO, Entrepreneur, and Activist who lives her life dedicated to Hip Hop and paying tribute to the culture via education and elevation.  In a world sometimes consumed with negativity and fears, it is refreshing to celebrate an empowering leader! 

MJ:  First and foremost let me begin by quoting a simple motto of yours that invites women everywhere to shine, “Queenz Up!”  How did this simple yet profound motto evolve?

TB: Well first and foremost thank you for having me on MJ, and let me commend you on the great work that you do. You are a true warrior for artists and Hip Hop as a whole, so Queenz Up to you! We know Hip Hop is male dominated like so many other things, and often times we as women in the industry are pitted as competitors against one another. I wanted the women in the industry to have a stronger bond in sisterhood rather than always feeling like we have to compete with each other. Most people know that I am affiliated with Hell Razah, Queen The Prophet, and GGO.  Razah’s coined phrase is Wingz Up, so I started saying Queenz Up, naturally as a way to salute the ladies and build camaraderie with one another. Everyone loved the idea and “Queenz Up” has been spreading ever since!

MJ:You are an amazing woman who supports so many other empowered women in both personal and professional journeys, hence “Queenz Up”.  Do you feel you are embraced by other women, young women, and teenagers?

TB: In most of my experiences yes, I am embraced by most of the young women I meet. I have encountered a great deal of young women who are so smart and have so many ideas and potential and some who are already bringing those ideas to fruition becoming young Entrepreneurs. As far as peers in the industry there have been some not so pleasant energies but that's okay too that's why I stay positive and continue to push “Queenz Up”. I feel everyone brings something different to the table and there is room for us all, I want us all to win.

MJ:Take it back for us. When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop? At what point in your life did that love transform into a mission for you? 

TB: Well I am a true Hip Hop head! I can remember first listening to Hip Hop, the real emcees were on the scene like KRS One (who is my birthday twin), Rakim, and BDK.  So that is the era I remember starting out and peace to all the real ones! But I would be amiss if I don't mention the Wu-Tang Clan which is my favorite group of all time.  I feel in love with Hip Hop for real when I heard Method Man spitting M.E.T.H.O.D. MAN! It was a wrap after that, and I've been die hard Wu fan ever since. In 2014 is when I really started engaging within the industry and met Hell Razah and everything I've done since sparked from that.

MJ:I want to talk about BEE TV, which is an incredible platform for so many people of all walks of life! Give us the who, what, when, where, how, and why of BEE TV.

TB: So Bee TV is my second child! I have always been the one to dig deeper and want to find the truth about real black history and overall truth about the world. I was promoting for Hell Razah at the time and on my page all you would see is my promotion and things about world history and injustices and different things like that. Something was brewing in me and I felt I needed a bigger platform to let it all out. So I came up with Bee TV: A Platform for the Truth, this was in June of 2016. Our Mission is to fuse conscious Hip Hop with the truth in order to raise awareness in the community. My first interview was with The Mighty Hebrew, and we did the interview in a park in North Philly and it was amazing and was so well received. The rest is history from there!

MJ:  Being a woman who absorbs each element of Hip Hop as a way of life, I’m very curios to learn your thoughts on the stance of Hip Hop in 2018, from the music to the culture.

TB: Well I believe the music and the culture go hand in hand, and that is what worries me about Hip Hop in 2018. I believe the content that is being force fed to the masses is not real Hip Hop, rather a genre of rap that I classify as Trap/Pop Rap. I would not disrespect real emcees and the creativity that they all branded by calling this mainstream trap/pop genre Hip Hop. I'm old school and biased and I don’t have a problem stating that. I also feel as though these artists don't even really pay homage or respect the older Gods of Hip Hop. So I have a strict policy of NO Trap/Pop genre music on my show, period! It is okay to have fun in Hip Hop and have a balance but their music in my opinion is straight poison, everything from the frequency of the beats to the not so lyrical content. I would be a hypocrite to have a platform promoting teaching and elevation and then play some of what's being pushed out now by the majority of artists today.

MJ: What is underway for Taylor Bee? What are some upcoming projects or business endeavors we can look forward to?

TB: Bee TV has a lot in store this year! The Mini Series Bee Cause starts in March (official date TBD). The other Mini Series are open for Artists and Entrepreneurs as well. I am collaborating on a project with Uneeke Kenetic, an artist from Trenton, NJ. “Hidden Knowledge” volume 3 (dropping this summer), will feature myself on the entire album, and I have a few solo joints on there including the theme music that I wrote for Bee Cause. I am very excited about writing music again. That is something I thought I would not do again, and I have to say I owe that to Hip Hop class of 2018 (lol).  it is so horrible now that it sparked me to come out of hibernation, and I wanted theme music for my show so who better to write it than me?! Also the God Uneeke Kenetic sparked me and my creativity has been flowing ever since.

MJ:“3 game”, play along …3 artists in your personal playlist? 3 influences, personal or musically? 3 places you would like to bring BEE TV to?

TB: 3 Artist in my personal playlist are Hell Razah, Wu-Tang Clan, and Nas. 3 influences both professionally and musically have to be Hell Razah, Rza, and Freedom Fighting Ancestors.  3 places you will find Bee TV is running programs that teach the youth the true and proper history, as well as giving them life lessons to help survive in this world.  Bee TV will also grow to be a known pillar in the community for bringing empowerment and unity to all people! Finally, I’d like to see the Mini Series syndicated and being listened to by the masses, we all need more positivity in our lives!

MJ:As we wrap up is there anything else you want the world to know about Taylor Bee?

TB: I just want to let everyone know that anything you put your mind to is possible. Don't let negativity and naysayers make you bury your dreams and aspirations! I do this from the heart and for the people, my word is my bond, and I want us all to win. Let's learn how to support one another and genuinely build a better tomorrow for the babies! Thank you MJ for the opportunity to get my message out there! #WingzUp #QueenzUp

MJ:Thank you for taking the time out for this interview, Queenz Up!

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