Kelis wants Nas to bring more money to the yard

Kelis wants more dough. Not from her record label or business deals but from Nas, her son's father.

As TMZ reports, the "Milkshake" singer wants more than the $8,000 a month she's currently getting, because she says her boy Knight — who's 8 years old — has more expenses than he did when the first order was set up five years ago. 

The original order was put in place five years ago when their son was three. But now, that he's a bit older, Kelis is arguing that Knight has more needs and that those needs come at a cost. TMZ also claims that the paperwork argues that since Nas is a lot more well off now than he was a few years ago he should be able to afford it.
Kelis didn't say how much more she wants, but she does want at least 50 percent of Knight's school-related costs, child care needs and unreimbursed health care fees.

Do you think $8,000 per month is enough to raise an 8 year old?