Lil Wayne & Drake drop "Family Feud"

Lil Wayne has dropped extreme fire with the Dedication 6 
One track that has caught peoples attention is "Family Feud" which is mainly about the artist and the label feuding and the money that is owed as a result.

Drake stated in the track that hes thinking about paying Lil Wayne what universal owns him and that Wayne should own half of the label after all the platinum and golds he's allotted through the years. The flows and the wordplay are extreme of course and exactly what you would expect out of the classic duo who toured together years ago.

Wayne is still eating well off of his own investments and independent moves but he is still owed a massive amount of money by Universal Music Group and is still going through tensions with mother label Cash Money Records.

One thing that you cannot deny is that when you hear the classic lighter flick and inhale before the Lil Wayne verse you know that some fire is coming, and of course he did not fail.

Make sure to check it out and formulate your own opinion along with checking out the Dedication 6 which is also available on Datpiff.

Check it out here :