Lil Uzi Vert admits he's a sellout!

Earlier this week, one of his fans said that he used to be more Hip-Hop than rock and "used to have flow," which the clown haired rapper agreed with.
According to Vert, he had to change up his style in order to chart.

'Mumble Rap' has been a key topic of discussion for a while now due to its popularity, and has arguably helped widen the age gap between fans. Older heads, both fans and legends in the game, have pointed out its trash and younger fans have responded by calling them 'irrelevant' and saying they just don't get it because they're 'too old'.

Uzi himself famously refused to rap over a classic DJ Premier beat on Hot97. Maybe on reflection because he couldn't allow himself to try and do it justice.

In response to a fan saying he 'used to have flow' the occasional purse carrying rapper admitted he had sold out to 'get his grandma a house', saying "the worst songs be the hits and the best songs stay lowkey underground", and was now back on his 'raw talent'.

But is it too late?

No matter how good his intentions might have been in regards to his grandmas living conditions is it too late to now say 'ok, now Im going to do good music'? Has he drawn a line under his trash music? Are fans supposed to delete it off their playlists and start again?

How, as a fan, could you listen to that music he did (his purposefully 'worst' music) and not feel like a sucker for being duped into paying out for garbage through promotion and click bait?

In defense of mumble rap the rappers have often dismissed sometimes legendary artists as 'irrelevant' and claimed they are better rappers in 'click bait' articles on so called 'hip hop' websites. These articles are designed to make readers click on the headlines and illicit a response. Even if not a favorable response there is profit to be made for these sites through advertisers who see the popularity these names generate and, in an age where all promotion seems to be good promotion, it gets the artists name out there.

Whereas Hip Hop used to be about respect rappers are now happy to be seen as wack as long as the money rolls in. Much in the same way that some Z list 'celebrities' are happy to be seen as stupid in order to stay popular and get gigs on reality TV shows.

When fellow mumbler Lil Yachty got into it with Hip Hop legend Pete Rock on Instagram, basically blaming his age for not liking the music and asking for respect, Rock responded:
 "huuuh boy lol! Why cant we all just respect some shit? I mighta been wrong the way i went about it but im a lil tired of people taking this culture for a joke." He went on, "Im obviously passionate about good music and good lyrics. Cant understand the mumble rap shit da hell is that? Lol cmon man i can make yall sound real good 😂 i can clearly see yall dont care about the culture so why you in it?"

Time will tell where Vert, and the mumble rap genre, goes from here but will the new breed of fans ever get fed up of the 'Malones', 'Iggys', and mumblesexuals, using the culture for a quick buck and realise that media (including some of these sellout click bait 'hip hop' sites) is conditioning them and making them look like fools.

Written by Cuban Pete (@c75designs)
*The writers views are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the site