Pump is a free agent!!!
WB voids contract

From the outside looking in it looked like Lil Pump's deal with Warner Bros music wasn't all that great. It appeared to be a 5 album contract 360 deal. It looked to be that he was not receiving too much of a advance on the initial deal as well.

With the buzz he had at the time of signing we would have expected him to sign a much bigger deal. Now in all reality Pump's patience has proven that hes smarter than most may believe.

At the time of negotiations and signing Pump was actually a minor which now renders the contract void meaning that hes now available to sign a contract with another label. Which has sparked a bidding war between labels for an estimated 8 figures.

His team has announced that he is accepting offers from labels. This is actually a huge move for Pump being that hes currently independent and can choose to stay indie or to resign to a major label.

His buzz has without a doubt been magnified since the release of his chart topper "Gucci Gang" so remaining independent is not entirely out of the question. Of course with labels bidding anywhere between 10 to 15 million dollars to sign the teen there is a big chance that he will sign again to a major and may be topping the charts again soon.