King Yella tells Offset he smashed Cardi B!

King Yella who most likely may be trolling. Says he smashed Cardi B who is recently engaged to Migos rapper Offset. 
Offset has supposedly called King Yella and things got a bit heated when Offset told Yella he would beat his ass.

Yella went on his instagram live saying that Offset was talking about "GD's" which is a serious gang in Chicago as well as many other places. Yella posted a video of him and Offset on facetime having  argument. Offset says "I know where you are" and Yella says "I'm not scared of no nigga".

Now we dont want this beef to end up on the streets and we can only guess that Yella is trolling for attention after seeing such things from rappers like "Stitches" who has turned a new leaf and stopped trolling the media. Now things may be spiraling out of control over a bit of internet clout.