Chicago rapper, and Drill rap pioneer, Fredo Santana has passed away sadly because of a fatal seizure. 

We all know and respect Santana's rise from the gritty streets of Chicago to the suburbs of L.A. We know Santana for being one of the most loyal people in the game.

His girlfriend came to his house and found that he had been unconscious for hours. Santana was fighting a drug addiction to Lean and Xanax and had developing kidney and liver problems because of the drugs that were being taken. Of course we know that Santana has dealt with a lot of trauma in his lifetime losing a lot of his friends and family and coming from one of the most dangerous places in the country. So its not all that hard to understand that he might have been leaning on drugs to deal with personal issues. 

Santana sadly is not the only rapper of recent to have passed away because of a lean addiction. We have lost Lil Peep and now Fredo Santana to Lean in a very short time. It is pushing a lot of rappers to kick there lean habit which is a great thing to see. Lean has been affecting Hip Hop for a long time in a really bad way and people are opening their eyes to the horrible affects of the drug after losing such young and talented artist's.

Fredo himself has admitted that the drugs were affecting his organs and that he was in and out of the hospital. These are side affects of Lean use and can be irreversible after a certain point. Our condolences go out to the family & friends of Fredo Santana.