The Republic of China has banned HIP-HOP culture as a whole from TV according to the countried media regulators.
Meaning it will no longer feature Hip-Hop music , fashion, slang and artists on Television.

Labeling it as "tasteless , vulgar and obscene seems to be a bit much even for a country as reserved and cultural as China. To ban the whole culture of Hip Hop at a time when you have so many Asian rappers and K - Pop artist's on the rise is somewhat of a blow to Asia's own music scene. Along with the fact that sales are sure to drop and money will be lost due to termination of many Concerts that have been planned.

Actors with tattoo's have been targeted as well, they will no longer be on TV either. This is a huge blow for many artist's in asia , many people who have worked there entire live's to be in the position they are know will be stripped of their rights to create and perform.

It is a sad time for Hip- Hop over seas and i personally hope that this is something that will never spread to any other country. It is still unclear how these celebrities will be able to address their fan base with the ongoing attack on Hip-Hop culture being spear-headed by the Chinese government.

The attack is not limited to only Hip-Hop however . They have also banned anybody of "low-class" or anybody involved in "scandals". How they are determining who is worthy of being on TV is still unclear to the public outside of China. It is more than likely still unclear to the citizens of China as well.

Now we have to ask ourselves as fans of Hip-Hop. Will we allow this to happen? Who is able to decide what is "Low-Class" and what is not. Its immoral to deprive the younger generation of something that has been so deeply rooted and embedded in our culture for so many years.

Fashion and Music from Hip-Hop is a HUGE integral part of Asia's young community. The teens and young adults interested in the culture are rocking the freshest of Nike Air Max's , Jordan's , Adidas ETC. They are listening to the latest rap records from around the entire world and when it comes to clothes. Bape, Supreme and other high end Hip Hop fashion companies have made huge amounts of money off Asia's young community so its only safe to assume that the impact made from this decision will be quite impactful for the business end of the spectrum as well.

It is quite well known that Asia has a immeasurable amount of Hip-Hop fans whether it be DJ's , B-Boys/B-Girls , MC's or Fashion Designers the fact remains that Hip-Hop culture has been established in Asia for a number of years now and is sure to remain years from now.