Cardi B has finally settled the dispute between Offset and King Yella. 
We reported on this before and did not hesitate to tell you guys that this might have been a publicity stunt by Yella for internet clout.

Cardi decided to settle the tension by calling Yella and exposing the truth. The video posted to social media shows Cardi on the phone with Yella. She says " Why you jacking that i fucked you" and Yella replies with "Show me one thing where it says i fucked you". Clearly there was nothing that happened here. Cardi clearly tells him that she never fucked him or even kissed him. Yella responds by saying that the internet is hyping things up and that he never said anything such thing.

Whether the exact words were said or not we all know what he was implying. We have to Salute Cardi B on this one because she cut all the media shit short and decided that she would settle this publicly with a straight forward conversation.

We can only assume now that King Yella will no longer continue with the trolling and that the beef between him and Offset will be defused. This has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks and it seems to finally be coming to a end.