Black Eyed Peas are back with a new single!!!

Black Eyed Peas are back with a new single!
The track, to be released soon, reveals a more politically charged message from the once pop act.

The song officially arrived, on January 8th, titled "Street Livin".

This serves as the first official single from the group since 2016's hit song, "Where Is The Love?". Fergie, however, does not appear on the politically charged song after officially leaving the group a few years ago.

Will.I.Am has mentioned in the past that she may be featured as a guest artist on their upcoming project, "Masters of The Sun".
An unknown female singer assists Will.I.Am,, and Taboo on this particular track.

Listen below:

What do you think of the track?
Are they trying to put the black back in Black Eyed Peas?
Although they've never shied away from social issues will this track be too 'black' for their pop audience?

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