Grime Music finds a new home on "Grand Theft Auto"

Written by Just Write N.O.M.A.D.S Music/Taylor Gang Ent./ FNBG Records

With Rockstar Games New Update for GTA, which brings you the Doomsday Heist and a brand new Radio Station, Grime Music finds a new home in GTA.

Finally after all these years of me complaining to my viewers on my twitch stream about Rockstar's lack of current music in GTA. Rockstar games have finally added a new radio station into the mix. 

 Blonded 97.8 is a current mix of international music. In my gaming experience im happy with this station so far. I've seen Jay-Z on there, Frank Ocean, Future. but the thing that stood out most to me? The fact the I heard JME ft Giggs "Man Dont Care" and OTB' track "FBG" while cruising through the streets of Los Santos in my brand new Delorean, conveniently named the "Deluxo" in GTA.

I am so happy to see Grime Music making its way into America slowly but surely. With such high energy and consistent lyrical content its bound to become one of the biggest industries in the world. With Hip-Hop's emergence into the music scene proving that this type of music is not a fad. I believe grime can become a permanent and more well known genre of music internationally.

With artists like JME and Giggs now being heard by the millions of Grand Theft Auto fans I believe that Grime will have huge new amount of fans and listeners. I myself currently have JME "96 Fuckeries" as my ringtone and hope to hear more grime music in gaming culture.