Get To Know: Gambo - The hood hippie

Mike "Gambo" Gamaitoni is a Hip Hop artist from Wilmington, DE currently residing in South Florida. 
Gambo started as an engineer and producer that fell in love with hip hop and lyricism at an early age. By the age of 16, he was producing and recording for local rappers in his area. Once he started writing and rapping, he became known for his lyrical genius and impressive flow. 

After high school unfortunately he fell in with the wrong crowd. For years he was wrapped up in drug dealing and drug addiction. After getting sober and deciding to change his ways in 2012, he moved to South Florida to start over. His passion for music was reborn and he joined forces with his long time friend and artist " L Vatio " to form Hood Hippie Entertainment. 

Hood Hippie Ent. quickly became known as one of the elite local brands for quality urban artists which is how he originally met Bobble. After a few years sober, Gambo took a job in the Addiction Treatment field and currently works for a music based center called Soundpath recovery. Here, he gets to exercise both of his passions which is music and helping people overcome their struggles. 

If you like real, authentic music, with deep meaning and heavy lyrical content.. Gambo is the perfect artist for you.

Peep the video for 'Missing' below: If anyone has ever been in a dark place you can relate to this song, one of the fan favorites off of his latest EP, Dual Perspective.


Transformations Treatment 
FOR HELP CALL 888.724.7616

Co owner of Hood Hippie ENT

Snapchat: GamboGetsIt