DJ Swift, Founder of Wild 1 Radio, Keeping the DJ Alive in Hip Hop @Wild1_Radio

Any true Hip Hop head knows how crucial the DJ is to Hip Hop and music overall! Here for a reminder course from LA is DJ Swift, founder of Wild 1 Radio!
MJ:  For all our global readers tell us about LA’s hit station Wild 1 Radio.

DJ Swift: Wild1 Radio is the Number 1 DJs station! We have 45 real deejays working 247 to bring you some real mixes and the best of Hip Hop, Electronic, and Dance.

MJ:  For you it has been a mission to bring radio and the DJ back to its roots.  Take us on that journey of yours.

DJ Swift: Yes, indeed! Actually I missed the old time of the radio. I really like all the new platform like Pandora and Spotify, but you rarely discover new music with those platforms. The play list is most of the time predictable because you actually choose it. So I wanted to go back to the time where you got surprised by what you heard on the radio. That’s also a good way to discover new music.

MJ:  Unlike other stations you broadcast simultaneously from LA, Hong Kong, and London. How did that evolve? I know the Hip Hop scene in all cities are incredibly strong and thriving.

DJ Swift: Yes, Wild1 Radio is the first worldwide station. All shows are broadcasted 3 times a day to match Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and London. So for examples a show that’s scheduled at 8pm on Tuesday in LA, will be also played at 8pm in London and at 8pm in Hong Kong on the same day! So wherever you are in the world, you tune in at 8pm and you have the same show. Wild1 is not only Hip Hop. Everyday we have a different vibe with a variety of music. Hip Hop days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And yes we have shows in Belgium, UK, and France!  I actually really want to find a German DJ to do a Hip Hop show on the station, stay tuned…

MJ:  Wild 1 Radio has several DJ’s.  Talk about that relationship and how it strengthens the station as a whole.

DJ Swift: I really wanted to create a family, and we have really succeeded with that! Everybody is really involved in the success of the station and each others shows. We all share show info, music, and guests.

MJ:  Break Wild 1 Radio down for those who are not familiar.  Let us know airing times, types of shows, hosts, etc.

DJ Swift: We have different types of music every day. Monday is an open format. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are dedicated to Hip Hop.  Thursday is Hip Hop, Reggae, and Reggae world. Friday’s and Saturday’s are straight EDM or dance floor music. Sunday is more of a cool vibe. If you want more information about the programs, please visit our website

MJ:  Talk about your listeners and fans.  Is there a difference of loyalty in the United States than in other countries?

DJ Swift: We have listeners from more than 30 countries! Most of our listeners are in USA, France, and UK.

MJ:  Give us some history on the evolvement of DJ Swift.  How did it all begin for you?

DJ Swift: I started as a battle DJ in Europe.  I was deejaying DMC and local battles. I’ve worked with a lot of Hip Hop Artists and joined a famous rock band, Silmarils (known as the French Beastie Boys). We toured almost all over the world. At the same time, I was doing a lot of extreme sports events. I also started doing some radio show and some production. In 2008 I left France for Los Angeles. There, I started working for a couple of artists from the Wu-tang Clan (Prodigal Sunn, Sunz of Man, Killarmy) and I hosted a show on Wu-tang radio for 5 years.  I also started teaching at the Scratch DJ Academy in LA. Because of my background and all the deejays, I knew, I decided to create my own radio station, and the rest is history.

MJ:   I’m curious to learn who is in your personal playlist?  Are there DJ’s of past or current generations that have inspired you?

DJ Swift: As a DJ I can play everything. I mostly play Classic Hip Hop, Rock, mashups and Electro. As a music lover I’m a huge Beatles and Beach Boys fan.

MJ:  Music platforms have drastically changed throughout the eras.  As a DJ what are your thoughts of streaming music, and countless listening apps?

DJ Swift: As a DJ I hate it.  As I mentioned earlier, with those apps you never discover new music. A real DJ needs to discover new music all the time.

MJ:  As we wrap up is there anything else you would like the world to know about yourself and Wild 1 Radio?

DJ Swift: If you like real DJs and real music, come listen to us on our official website, on TuneIn and other radio websites.

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