Chip & Bugzy Malone Beef In Order After 2 years

Written by Just Write N.O.M.A.D.S Music/Taylor Gang Ent./ FNBG Records

Chip & Bugzy Malone, 2 of the hottest MC's coming out of the UK, have been beefing for about 2 years and it has given birth to some of the most memorable diss tracks in grime music to ever have come out of the UK.  

Not only did they provide us with aggressive lyrics and consistent wordplay, they provided themselves both with a huge amount of attention and new fans.

This beef started in January 2015 when Chip had taken a move away from grime and tried a move at the American music scene. Creating music such as the record "Champion ft. Chris Brown" which was largely criticized and received many dislikes on its YouTube video for being a "traitor" to the UK grime scene.

Chip joined Charlie Sloth on his Fire in the booth freestyle show where Chip challenged anybody in the grime scene to come at him if they think they are good enough, No artist at the time had anything to say about it until Manchester artist Bugzy Malone sent hard for Chip during a Fire in the booth freestyle on BBC Radio. After the beef started with that solid blow, Chip released "Pepper Riddim" shortly after, coming at Bugzy for being mostly unknown until mentioning Chip's name.

Since then we have heard many diss tracks/ references/ videos between the two. Such as "Relegation Riddim" by Bugzy or "The End" from Chip which was highly underrated. Bugzy replied only a couple days later with "the Revival" which was very melodic and mostly put Bugzy at the fore front of the music and not the beef.  Chip then makes a power move with 3 diss tracks back to back rapidly. We heard "Light Work", "Run out riddim" and "Hat- Trick" which is a common term in futbol for scoring 3 goals in one match.

Bugzy didnt respond for 3 weeks which gained chip alot of respect. Thats when Chip decided to go for a huge shot with "96 bars of revenge" which forced Bugzy to respond with "Wasteman" which drew alot of praise. Chip now known for firing back quickly came back fast with "Dickhead" and you have to keep in mind that all of these tracks are fire and consist of dope lyrics. Then Bugzy hit back instantly with "Zombie Riddim" which was a quality track but was pre recorded and lost him some points for not being a actual reponse to Chip. Chip then responded the next day with "Duppy Riddim" and 2 weeks later dropped "Alone".

These 2 have a huge history of beef and now 2 years later during the holiday season the beef is over. A picture of the 2 was posted on both of there socials confirming that the two have major plans ahead for grime music . The pic was taken at grime legend Giggs Christmas dinner for friends.

Not much else is known about the plans that they have together but i can say that we look forward to seeing what they do for grime in the UK and around the world 100 percent.

You already know we have to hit you with a link to the good stuff.

Chip & Bugzy Beef PT 1

Chip & Bugzy Beef PT.2